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September 2016

In this month's magazine, we offer a tantalising glance towards the future of medicine in On target? (p28), where we deep-dive into the exciting world of precision medicine. In Higher education (p32), we chart the evolution of medical education, asking what role pharma should play in this era of mistrust, millennials and meagre resources. In SmartViews, we offer an in-depth look at one of the NHS' shiniest new toys, Vanguards (On the front line, p17), ask questions about whether driving down cost is the best way to procure high-quality services (Under the hammer, p19) and explore the brave new world of online communities (Community spirit, p22). Also in this issue, we profile an award-winning young marketer about emerging trends (New to the market, p38) and interview entrepreneurial Cambridge professor Tony Kouzarides (Building blocks, p40).

September 2016 - magazine highlights

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On target?

Precision medicine is fundamentally changing how we treat patients, but is it too early to get excited about this burgeoning area?

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Higher education

Pharma-sponsored medical education has always been about much more than just education, yet with greater transparency, changing learning styles and increased influence of expert patients, what does the future hold for pharma's wider interactions with healthcare professionals?

Thumbnail image for On the front line

On the front line

NHS vanguard sites are offering a fresh approach to service design and creating a blueprint for the future but what impact will they have on pharma?

Thumbnail image for Show, don’t tell

Show, don’t tell

If pharma really wants to be patient-centric, it needs to show it through its brand message

Thumbnail image for Track record

Track record

In the not-too-distant future, we will all be living in an ongoing clinical trial, where sensors track our lives and stream our health data directly to our electronic health records

Thumbnail image for Community spirit

Community spirit

Online communities offer direct contact with patients, healthcare professionals and other stakeholders, but is pharma making the most of this valuable resource?

Thumbnail image for New to the market

New to the market

What does the industry have in store for aspiring marketers? We ask last year's New Marketer of the Year, Thom Renwick

Thumbnail image for Building blocks

Building blocks

World-leading cancer researcher and entrepreneur Professor Tony Kouzarides offer some advice on connecting academia and pharma, setting up R&D companies and juggling several jobs at once

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