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June 2017

As the polls tighten and June’s general election starts to seem very close indeed, we’ve got a roundup of all the major parties’ manifestos and what they would mean for healthcare in the UK. But whatever the differences between them, the fear remains – voiced by no less an authority than health economist John Appleby from the Nuffield Trust – that, without extra funding, they simply won’t match up to what the health service needs.

Elsewhere in this issue we take a special look at the pharmaceutical supply chain, asking whether the industry is up to the challenge of the current, and new, era healthcare, while managing at the same time the stresses of demand variability and lower margins.

Meanwhile, there’s careers and strategic insights from some of this month’s ‘SmartPeople’, with Sanofi’s UK and Ireland’s Hugo Fry telling us about his journey to become the firm’s general manager, and how these are transitional times for the French company’s Surrey-based affiliate.

June 2017 - magazine highlights

Thumbnail image for Propelled by digital disruption

Propelled by digital disruption

Investing in digital supply chain capabilities has the potential to unlock significant value for a business and the entire healthcare ecosystem

Thumbnail image for Supplying for tomorrow’s needs

Supplying for tomorrow’s needs

The pharmaceutical supply chain is facing both challenges and opportunities as the industry enters a new healthcare era 26 PharmaTimes

Thumbnail image for NHS-pharma partnerships

NHS-pharma partnerships

Improving the care of diabetes patients at City Hospitals Sunderland - a joint working initiative with Lilly

Thumbnail image for Sales 2.0

Sales 2.0

Engaging digital while retaining a human touch

Thumbnail image for Adapting to change

Adapting to change

Sanofi’s general manager for the UK and Ireland Hugo Fry on leading a company through transitional times

Thumbnail image for Realising potential

Realising potential

Richard Baderin, head of commercial enterprises at Accretio, on making the most of your resources

Thumbnail image for Haemophilia


Laurence Woollard talks to PharmaTimes about life with a rare bleeding disorder

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