PharmaTimes -
October 2017

It’s all about relationships in this issue of PharmaTimes.

Our cover feature (p29) asks whether a CSO and a pharma firm should only hook up for selfish reasons or if they should become a true power couple and give something back to each other. Meanwhile, the NHS-industry relationship can be likened to an old married couple – they argue a lot but, as EMIG chairman Leslie Galloway explains on p23, they do need each other. And on p17 we look at how the health service is rewarding its most promising STPs and what they need from pharma.

The UK government claims to be a good friend to pharma, but will they really be there when the industry needs them? Ana Nicholls looks at whether the government can keep the promises of its Life Sciences Strategy on p20. Moving on to clinical research relationships, we also have an article on how collaboration is transforming clinical research (p24) and an interview with a real team player in the industry –  last year’s winner of the Team Leader of the Year award at the International Clinical Researcher competition.

Finally we have one of the most heart-wrenching Patient Files in a while (which is saying something) as award-winning playwright Simon Vinnicombe talks about his infant son’s type 1 diabetes.

October 2017 - magazine highlights

Thumbnail image for When two become one

When two become one

Relationships can be tricky things – no more so than the pharma-contract sales organisation relationship. So, what are the secrets for making it a perfect match?

Thumbnail image for New life for life sciences?

New life for life sciences?

The proposed industrial strategy for the life sciences sector sets out some ambitious objectives – probably too ambitious, says Ana Nicholls

Thumbnail image for Gold-star STPs

Gold-star STPs

Paul Midgley and Steve How of Wilmington Healthcare explain how the NHS is rewarding its most promising STPs and what they need from pharma

Thumbnail image for Taking care of diabetes

Taking care of diabetes

Ahead of the seventh Quality in Care (QiC) Diabetes awards in October, PharmaTimes speaks to judging chair and clinician Paru King to learn more about diabetes care in the UK

Thumbnail image for Patient Files: Type 1 diabetes

Patient Files: Type 1 diabetes

Award-winning playwright Simon Vinnicombe’s baby son George was just six months old when he fell gravely ill with a shock diagnosis of type 1 diabetes. He talks to PharmaTimes about life with the disease and his hopes for a cure

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