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September 2017

As the NHS goes, so goes pharma – so when the government talks about ‘transforming’ the health service, the industry better listen. Our cover feature this month (p33) focuses on sustainability and transformation plans (STPs), the ambitious-yet-controversial proposals for innovative, localised solutions to the NHS’s myriad problems. How can pharma best respond to these?

Meanwhile, this month’s SmartViews section opens with two more articles looking at the NHS – one asking how new caps on expenditure will affect pharma sales (p16), the other looking behind the mask of recent reports on the NHS’s strengths (p21).

On the industry side of things we’ve got an issue packed with commentary and analysis on the latest cutting-edge developments in pharma. On p24 we ask if the genomic revolution is all it’s hyped up to be, and on p26 we look at what a recent court ruling means for the ongoing issue of biosimilars and secondary use patents.

It seems that the hottest topic on everybody’s lips, though, is the potential of artificial intelligence in pharma R&D, and our exclusive interview with AI expert Jackie Hunter (p30) asks what this actually means in practice.

September 2017 - magazine highlights

Thumbnail image for Intelligent design

Intelligent design

PharmaTimes speaks to AI expert Jackie Hunter about the future of these technologies in R&D

Thumbnail image for Hollow Victory?

Hollow Victory?

The NHS scores better than many other countries in terms of access to health – until you take outcomes into account

Thumbnail image for Going public

Going public

Jaak Peeters, head of Johnson & Johnson Global Public Health, on pharma’s role in supporting global health, fighting epidemics and making medicines accessible

Thumbnail image for Feeling the squeeze?

Feeling the squeeze?

Paul Midgley, director of NHS Insight at Wilmington Healthcare, explains how Capped Expenditure Processes (CEP) will impact both NHS services and pharma sales

Thumbnail image for Payment power

Payment power

How to become investigator sites’ payments sponsor of choice

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