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January/February 2018

A new year brings new challenges for pharma, but just as many – if not more – opportunities.

With the EMA moving (see p20) and Brexit, as ever, on the horizon, one of the most pressing questions hanging over pharma’s head as we enter 2018 is the issue of recruitment. Is the talent pool about to dry up, or are recent investments by big companies a sign that things are on their way up? We investigate on p31.

Looking further to the future, 3D printing just might be one of the most exciting technological developments for the industry, even if it’s some way off, and on p22 we look at the myriad possibilities of printing personalised drugs. Tech can also play an important role in getting patients to adhere to drugs, as we find out on p19.

Meanwhile, on p35 we take a look at recent trends in pharma’s patient-centricity and social responsibility efforts and get some advice on how to best approach such initiatives from those who have spearheaded them.

I hope you enjoy the issue.

January 2018 - magazine highlights

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Going Dutch

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Rare opportunity

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