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July/August 2018

Of all the topics we get pitched here at PharmaTimes, health apps come up more often than most.

It’s not unsurprising – almost everyone, including children and the elderly, has access to a smartphone these days, and it’s only natural that the healthcare industry would want to tap into this potentially-huge market.

But if apps are an ocean waiting to be explored, the waters are still murky – trust, quality and a confusing, crowded market remain ever-present issues. So this month we thought we’d take an in-depth look at some of the lingering questions surrounding health apps: How can they be integrated into care? How can the industry ensure their safety? What does a good health app even look like? Read the features on pages 28-31 and our Smart People interview with NetDoctor co-founder Carl Brandt (p40) to find out.

Elsewhere, we look at how Brexit might affect the pharma supply chain (p25), the increasingly important role of medical affairs (p36), and how pharma sales can embrace patient-centricity (p32).

July 2018 - magazine highlights

Thumbnail image for SmartPeople: Carl Brandt

SmartPeople: Carl Brandt

The co-founder of NetDoctor and medical director of Liva Healthcare on how digital health could change patients’ lives

Thumbnail image for Health apps: The litmus test

Health apps: The litmus test

Our Mobile Health is on a mission to build confidence in digital health by assessing and curating high-quality health apps. CEO Julie Bretland  tells us what the company looks for in a good app and how digital  health can change the industry

Thumbnail image for The dementia dilemma

The dementia dilemma

The failure of several Alzheimer’s drug trials in the past year has dampened, but not destroyed, hopes for a cure

Thumbnail image for Putting our heads together

Putting our heads together

NHS England’s assurance process provides a window of opportunity for pharma – but communication and joint working with the health service is key

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