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May 2018

For months now we’ve been hearing all about how artificial intelligence can change pharma and healthcare, from expediting R&D to diagnosing patients at home, and so for this month’s issue we thought that we’d take an in-depth look at what has to be the most exciting technological trend in the industry right now (p20).

But it’s important to remember the patient in amongst all this talk of machines. On p30 we ask whether pharma is truly walking the patient centric walk despite years of talking the talk, and if not, what it can do to get there. On that subject, we have exclusive comment from Dr Oleksandr Gorbenko, director, global patient affairs of ViiV (p45) reflecting on the company’s second year in a row at the top of the PatientView corporate reputation survey and how pharma can instil trust in an industry that has historically been out of favour with the public.

It’s an important year for the PharmaTimes competitions, as later this year we’ll be celebrating Marketer of the Year’s 25th anniversary. To mark this momentous milestone we catch up with some past winners and take a look at how pharma marketing has changed on p36. MOY and its sister competition Communications Team of the Year are both now open for entry, so don’t miss your chance to enter at And don’t forget that tickets are on now sale for 2018’s International Clinical Researcher of the Year competition!

May 2018 - magazine highlights

Thumbnail image for What’s up, AI doc?

What’s up, AI doc?

When it comes to diagnosis, AI offers hard-pressed clinicians a way of coping with patient demand – as long as accuracy carries on improving

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Company focus: Exscientia

With several high-profile collaborations under its belt, Exscientia is bringing AI tech straight to the heart of pharma R&D. We asked the company's founder, Professor Andrew Hopkins, to explain how they’re hoping to make long, expensive drug development a thing of the past

Thumbnail image for Pharma and data: Knowledge is power

Pharma and data: Knowledge is power

Sanofi’s Milind Kamkolkar is the first enterprise chief data officer in a major pharmaceutical company, and he has been outspoken about the need for pharma to adapt to the new digital world of AI, real-world evidence and prolific data. We caught up with him on the show floor at eyeforpharma Barcelona 2018

Thumbnail image for SmartPeople: Bill Byrom

SmartPeople: Bill Byrom

With over 25 years experience in clinical development and as an eClinical thought leader and strategist, Bill Byrom is an expert on innovating clinical research. Now he has joined CRF Health as vice president of product strategy & innovation to define their product development vision

Thumbnail image for Trusting pharma

Trusting pharma

ViiV Healthcare has once again topped the annual PatientView corporate reputation survey. Dr Oleksandr Gorbenko, the company’s director, global patient affairs, explains the company’s views on how pharma should build trust with patients

Thumbnail image for AI meets IP

AI meets IP

New machine learning technologies may have far-reaching, unexpected effects on IP and patent law

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