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September 2018

Though we mainly keep our eye on UK pharma at PharmaTimes, there’s no doubt that the industry here will have to become increasingly interconnected with other countries to face challenges ahead – and especially so in the ever-complicated world of clinical trials.

Of course, in the modern world that’s easier said than done – so we’ve asked four clinical research experts to give their views on what the biggest challenges will be for global clinical trials in the near future and how pharma can overcome them (p30).

Sticking with the global theme, we look at the potential changes to drug pricing in the US on p22 – while on p38 former ABPI president Lisa Anson shares her opinions on what the UK industry can learn from the US and why she’s given up big pharma to head a biotech.

Elsewhere we have articles on recent competition law cases (p24), new approaches to T-cell therapy (p26) and challenges in regenerative medicine (p36).

August 2018 - magazine highlights

Thumbnail image for SmartPeople: Lisa Anson

SmartPeople: Lisa Anson

The former president of AstraZeneca UK and the ABPI has given up big pharma to join biotech Redx. We speak to her about what prompted the change, how she thinks British life science will fare in the coming years, and how the UK can help smaller companies like Redx to thrive

Thumbnail image for Late to regenerate

Late to regenerate

Are current regulatory frameworks hindering  development of promising regenerative medicines?

Thumbnail image for Go global

Go global

For successful clinical trials today, it’s necessary to go global.  But challenges still abound

Thumbnail image for Company focus: Adaptimmune

Company focus: Adaptimmune

Despite the excitement surrounding T-cell therapy, CAR-T cells have fallen short in effectiveness against solid tumours. Oxfordshire-based Adaptimmune is one of the companies exploring T-cell receptors as a promising alternative. We spoke to the company’s chief technology officer Gwen Binder-Scholl about the science behind this challenging but exciting therapeutic area

Thumbnail image for SmartPeople: Kris Sterkens

SmartPeople: Kris Sterkens

The industry vet and current company group chairman of Janssen EMEA gives his views on the past, present and future of the pharma industry

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