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March 2019

In this issue, we present Alantra’s annual ranking of the 50 fastest-growing, privately owned pharma companies. Of particular note, every single company on this list has delivered annualised revenue growth in double digits, an impressive feat during the current climate of economic uncertainty. But who tops the list? Who are the greatest movers and shakers? Take a look on page 20.

Elsewhere, we consider the long-awaited NHS Long Term Plan and what the future of the heath service might look like over the next decade (p16). Where does pharma fit into this new blueprint?

We also delve into the innovations helping to change the landscape for clinical research (p28), how clinical trials are entering a radically new dimension (p31), and how pharma is wrestling with the new ‘right to be forgotten’, brought in by the GDPR last year (p38).

On page 40 is an interview with Lotte Bjerre Knudsen, inventor of diabetes drug liraglutide and scientific vice president at Novo Nordisk, who gives a fascinating insight into her role and thoughts on the sector.

Finally, PharmaTimes is gearing up to launch the 2019 Sales Awards, Marketer of the Year and Communications Team of the Year competitions – we’ll keep you posted!

I hope you enjoy the issue.

March 2019 - magazine highlights

Thumbnail image for Resistance is futile

Resistance is futile

An exciting, futuristic chapter for clinical trials has opened in which participant engagementwill flourish, expansive data will navigate the maze of disease and digital technology will take pharma and patients to previously unexplored dimensions. John Pinching reports.

Thumbnail image for Closing the gap

Closing the gap

How seven innovations are accelerating research and bringing new data-driven insights to the clinical trial landscape, potentially reducing the time and cost of drug development

Thumbnail image for The rise of the CRO

The rise of the CRO

Dr Chris Doherty discusses the rise of clinical research organisations (CROs) from his vantage point as managing director at Alderley Park

Thumbnail image for A need to know basis

A need to know basis

Ten months since sweeping data privacy laws came into force in Europe, pharma companies are wrestling with the new ‘right to be forgotten’

Thumbnail image for SmartPeople: Richard Davies

SmartPeople: Richard Davies

Richard Davies, vice president and solutions expert at CluePoints, says there’s “a huge opportunity” for operational efficiency gains in clinical trials

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