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May 2019

Our cover feature (p31) this month takes a renewed look at how artificial intelligence is shaping an exciting new horizon for pharma and healthcare. It is clear that pharma must closely align with the NHS and that both must fully engage with the modern patient to realise the limitless potential of the field.

However, flying the flag for augmented intelligence, Peter Crane argues (p34) that the greatest strength of the biopharma industry remains its people - the highly qualified scientists who design, develop and test new therapeutics. New technologies should allow this pool of talent to spend more of their time focused on innovation, he says.

Elsewhere, the team at Wilmington Healthcare highlight on page 16 that the new GP contract will stimulate ‘some of the biggest changes in general practice in 15 years’. Again we are hearing that in this emerging landscape pharma must wrap its value proposition around a service that adds real value to the NHS rather than simply providing a product, to satisfy the needs of new customer groups.

There’s also a fascinating insight into the work of the Rosetta project team, which is developing a ‘Google Earth’ of cancer to guide development of more efficient drugs (p36), while we also talk to the wonderful Cyndi Lauper about her experiences with the skin disorder plaque psoriasis (p45).

I hope you enjoy the issue!

May 2019 - magazine highlights

Thumbnail image for The evolution of English healthcare

The evolution of English healthcare

Ernst & Young’s Richard Guest says both doctors and patients are open to new digital solutions and expect greater adoption by healthcare providers

Thumbnail image for The digitisation of regulatory affairs

The digitisation of regulatory affairs

If information and process digitisation is as positively disruptive as its proponents claim, then what is the potential for transforming the management of marketing authorisation? Assuming this is considerable, what is involved in enabling practical, large-scale data management, and how can RA departments build on product data to help advance the broader business agenda?

Thumbnail image for Sticking to it

Sticking to it

In an age where medication adherence apps are the contemporary equivalent of ‘a pill for every ill’, a fresh approach is desperately needed to break through the oversaturated market.

Thumbnail image for Oncology needs talent

Oncology needs talent

Pharma’s traditional R&D path is a business model under pressure. The ever-increasing demand for talented leadership in oncology is driving a need for collaboration

Thumbnail image for A new horizon

A new horizon

The future of AI in pharma and wider healthcare is unfolding right now – never has the crystal ball of science found itself so resolutely in the present. If we dare to glance at the horizon, however, we will see the dreamscape of an era-defining healthcare system and pharma industry, transformed by the stunning possibilities of AI

Thumbnail image for A helping hand

A helping hand

Is augmented intelligence the key to achieving true digital transformation in pharma? Peter Crane outlines the need for a scientist-centric approach

Thumbnail image for Mapping tumours – a new direction for cancer treatment

Mapping tumours – a new direction for cancer treatment

A team from the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) is developing a ‘Google Earth’ of cancer, revealing insights on a molecular scale to guide the development of more efficient drugs to target tumours. Josephine Bunch, principal investigator of the Rosetta project, offers an insight into this promising area of cancer research

Thumbnail image for Class of 2019

Class of 2019

A high proportion of this year’s Drugs to Watch list address rare and orphan diseases

Thumbnail image for SmartPeople: Jennifer Turgiss

SmartPeople: Jennifer Turgiss

Jennifer Turgiss provides an insight into her role as vice president, behaviour science and advanced analytics, at Johnson & Johnson

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