PharmaTimes -
October 2019

More patients than ever before consider clinical research as a legitimate care option, and, despite the threat of an uncertain Brexit, the UK continues to be viewed as one of the best countries in the world to carry out research. In our cover feature (p27), John Pinching considers the path of clinical research, both past and future, and the significance of the emerging ‘parity between the probed and the probers’.

On page 34, there’s an interesting take on the rise of life science ecosystems. Advances in information technology over the last two decades are fuelling a shift away from the era of large corporations thriving on in-house R&D and towards the formation of loosely coupled life sciences networks with innate ability to adapt within a constantly changing competitive environment.

Elsewhere, flying the flag for social responsibility, Gilead’s Alex Kalomparis (p20) emphasises the role of pharma beyond healthcare, outlining the need for the sector to ensure that it actively supports and encourages change-makers, with longevity and the next generation in mind.

Finally, PharmaTimes is excited to announce the launch of the 2020 International Clinical Researcher of the Year competition, which is now open for entry. The competition, now in its 21st year, offers a wonderful opportunity to benchmark skills against the best in the field and stay up to date with the latest industry trends. Also of note, there’s still time to enter the 2019 PharmaTimes Medical and Scientific Excellence Awards! For more information, visit

I hope you enjoy the issue!

October 2019 - magazine highlights

Thumbnail image for Patient Files: cavernoma

Patient Files: cavernoma

Matt and Emma Chappell’s son Oliver has cavernoma. They talk to PharmaTimes about the family’s experiences with this rare condition.

Thumbnail image for Smart People: Elaine Irving

Smart People: Elaine Irving

PharmaTimes talks to Elaine Irving on the merits of real-world evidence and her role as GSK’s senior director & head of Real-World Study Delivery

Thumbnail image for Embracing biosimilars

Embracing biosimilars

ICON’s Ioannis Katsoulis, Axel Svedbom, Larushka Mellor and Örjan Åkerborg consider trends and strategies to drive uptake of biosimilars in the UK

Thumbnail image for  Trial blazers

Trial blazers

Amid the chaos of Brexit, pioneering clinical research continues defiantly, plotting its way through the complexity of disease and providing patients with the currencies of hope, transformation and reinvention.

Thumbnail image for Advancing patient engagement

Advancing patient engagement

Neil McGregor-Paterson explores whether health technology assessment  is leading the field in meaningful patient involvement

Thumbnail image for Opening doors

Opening doors

China’s pharmaceutical market increasingly offers opportunities for UK drugmakers

Thumbnail image for Driving change

Driving change

Gilead Sciences’ Alex Kalomparis says pharma has a role to play in  supporting social change and must not shy away from it

Thumbnail image for Turning the tide

Turning the tide

Paul Midgley, of Wilmington Healthcare, explores the NHS’ strategy for tackling cardiovascular disease and what these new approaches mean for pharma

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