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April 2020

As the impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic hits hard and fast, PharmaTimes is open for business as usual and our team remains steadfast in its aim to seek out and deliver high-quality, credible news relevant to pharma and healthcare. Stay abreast with all the latest developments across these sectors by signing up to receive our daily news alert at subscribe

This month’s issue of PharmaTimes Magazine begins with John Pinching’s comment on the UK’s handling of COVID-19, while on page 14 there’s also a special report from Ana Nicholls on the potential impact of the virus on the economy and healthcare spend.

Elsewhere, on page 20 Hilary Thomas considers the progress and challenges in reaping the benefits of genomics, while Lev Gerlovin and Pascale Diesel (p22) look at how cell and gene therapies are driving new deals in life sciences.

We also revisit the ongoing review of NICE methods and processes (p25), with Nicola Boyd asking whether the consultation will pave the way the way for health technology assessment reform.

Finally, PharmaTimes is thrilled to announce the launch of Marketer of the Year, the Sales Awards and Communications Team of the Year Awards, which are now all open for entry. Also, tickets are on sale for the International Clinical Researcher of the Year 2020 Gala dinner, which will now take place on October 2. Please visit competitions for more information.

I hope you enjoy the issue!

April 2020 - magazine highlights

Thumbnail image for On track?

On track?

Is the NHS Long Term Plan still on track? Oli Hudson and Paul Midgley, of Wilmington Healthcare, explore the latest developments and what they mean for pharma

Thumbnail image for Unlocking value

Unlocking value

How cell and gene therapies are driving new deals in life sciences

Thumbnail image for A NICE transformation?

A NICE transformation?

Will the NICE Review of Methods and Processes pave the way to HTA reform? As we wait for the consultation, Nicola Boyd argues that we should be realistic about what the Review will deliver

Thumbnail image for Pitch perfect

Pitch perfect

A perfect pitch process benefits pharma as much as the agencies involved. Mike Dixon, chief executive of the Healthcare Communications Association, discusses two initiatives trying to help identify best practice guidance for all stakeholders in the pitch process

Thumbnail image for A changing landscape

A changing landscape

Gustaf Duhs considers the legal issues surrounding the rapidly expanding field of digital health

Thumbnail image for Smart People: Stephen Nabarro

Smart People: Stephen Nabarro

Stephen Nabarro, head of clinical operations and data management at Cancer Research UK Centre for Drug Development, talks to PharmaTimes about his role in cancer research

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