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January/February 2020

Hello 2020! In the first PharmaTimes magazine of the new year and new decade we explore how the defining moments of 2019 might shape the pharma and healthcare landscape going forward.

On page 16, the team at Wilmington Healthcare consider the aftershocks of the Tories’ landslide victory in the general election, and what the impact might be on pharma and the NHS, while Ovid Health’s Jenny Ousbey offers fantastic insight into the new clutch of MPs (p29) at Westminster, highlighting who to watch out for and their potential political influence. Ana Nicholls also looks at the continued impact of Brexit and issues for the industry (p32).

Elsewhere, Sabina Syed and Conor Burke explore the relationship between pharma and the NHS and consider its future direction, on the back of findings of the first benchmarking survey between life sciences and frontline NHS leaders carried out by Visions4Health (p20). Both sides are closely aligned on what they want from effective partnerships, but it is clear that work needs to be done to achieve this and ensure satisfaction all round.

Climate change will no doubt continue to be a hot topic during 2020 and beyond. Along these lines, Mike Dixon offers advice on how communications can help businesses build a sustainable future (p27). Sticking with the future, John Pinching (p24) believes it’s ‘glowing’ for pharma, with advances in medtech, gadgets and innovation ‘rebooting the pharmaverse’.

Also of note, PharmaTimes is gearing up to launch the 2020 Marketing, Communications and Sales competitions shortly, with more challenges in store for entrants of all experience levels. More on that soon!

I hope you enjoy the issue!

January 2020 - magazine highlights

Thumbnail image for After shock?

After shock?

Paul Midgley and Oli Hudson, of Wilmington Healthcare, explore the impact of the Tories’ historic win on the NHS and pharma in 2020 and beyond

Thumbnail image for A glowing future

A glowing future

It’s the start of a glorious new decade for pharma. As the advances in medtech, gadgets and innovation jump into hyperspace, a completely rebooted pharmaverse awaits us. The new era offers the chance to inspire and define, while navigating it will represent the trip of a lifetime

Thumbnail image for Driving change

Driving change

Recognising the role of communications in building a sustainable business

Thumbnail image for Game changers

Game changers

Jenny Ousbey on the ‘hot’ new MPs to watch in health

Thumbnail image for Beyond Brexit

Beyond Brexit

The healthcare sector and life sciences industry will finally start to look beyond Brexit this year

Thumbnail image for Fishing for data

Fishing for data

Competition for health data is hotting up. As such, Marcus Vass says he expects to see further innovation in how digital health providers will identify suitable cohorts and incentivise patients to grant access to their data

Thumbnail image for Powered by partnerships

Powered by partnerships

Dr Arash Tahbaz says partnerships across industry, charities, academia and the NHS will be the driving force of the next wave of health innovation

Thumbnail image for A connected future

A connected future

James Steiner looks at five ways the Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming pharma

Thumbnail image for Money talks

Money talks

Paul Ranson looks at pharma pricing and reimbursement in the EU

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