PharmaTimes talks to some of pharma and healthcare’s most promising young leaders, already making waves in their companies and brightening the future

Dan Smith, Prism, Account Director

What are you most proud of having achieved in your career so far?

Being the first employee of a start-up Medical Education agency (CESAS Medical) and playing a key part in its growth and progression to a group of companies with turnover of more than £1.5 million encompassing Medical Education, Med Comms, Digital and Market Access divisions. Following this, having the confidence to move out of my comfort zone to a new challenge with Prism.

What inspired you to join Prism?

The chance to be involved in an established company of more than 18 years but one that maintains the flexibility to be able to make a difference. Bringing fresh ideas on board to develop and grow the business across all areas following periods of reorganisation and stability but little growth. In addition, the chance to work with colleagues encompassing wide-ranging backgrounds and experiences in order to deliver this.

What do you find the most interesting aspect of your role?

Externally, consultancy to multiple clients, across both business and therapeutic area in order to impact and improve both independent projects and annual medical plans/business strategy. Internally, learning the practicalities of management as a member of the Senior Leadership Team whilst, in tandem, building on the learnings from my degree and past experiences to develop my individual management style.

What do you hope to achieve?

Being a managing director or chief executive of an independent agency in the next five – ten years. After that, who knows? Ultimately to make an impact, however large or small, within the industry and upon the careers of my team.

How do you inspire success in your team?

Lead from the front. Ensure you are the person that is always available and can always provide the critical answer whilst also empowering colleagues to make decisions and bring their personalities to each role within the team. After all, we are not robots – it would be boring if we were all the same.