Victoria Blackbeard, Eradigm Consulting, Consultant

Why the interest in your role?

I am passionate about helping people and driving positive change, and so my interest in designing, leading and delivering industry leading strategic consulting projects stems from the reasoning that I could play a role in expediting the development of breakthrough scientific innovation and disruptive technologies to enable access to life-changing therapies to patients that truly need them.

What inspires you to succeed?

I’ve always been a high-achiever and what I love about working at a boutique consultancy, and specifically Eradigm Consulting, is that your achievements are recognised, celebrated and lead to rapid progression within the company. The level of high-profile client exposure at my level is unparalleled and actually being recognised as a thought-partner by these impressive professionals, having your recommendations implemented and being able to share in their successes is incredibly rewarding. Additionally, the Eradigm team continues to inspire me as we tackle pharma’s hardest questions with decisive answers – and actions.

Which successes are you most proud of?

We recently founded Eradigm’s ‘Centre of Excellence’ which aims to provide immersive learning experiences to the life science community. This February we held our first ‘Consulting Skills Masterclass:’ a workshop for graduates/postgraduates interested in accelerating their understanding of life sciences consultancy and gaining some of the critical skills required to enter and succeed in this profession. Around 20 students from all over Europe came to our London HQ, and apart from designing and delivering a session which was well received, as a team we were able to demystify what it is that life sciences consultants actually do and capture the value we bring to our clients and industry as a whole which has inspired many of them to pursue a career in the field.

How have you made a significant contribution to your field?

I recently represented Europe’s largest industry association in drafting a White Paper to the EC that outlined the challenges ATMP developers face in terms of clinical development pathways, scientific advice procedures and reimbursement processes, and went on to draft practical recommendations as to how legislation could be changed to ease these valuable therapeutics’ development and authorisation. I believe this paper will provide a platform for discussion to bring about favourable legislative changes to ensure Europe remains competitive and an attractive location for these clinical trials to take place as well as ensure that patients get access to these immensely important products.

How do you manage a satisfactory work-life balance?

I enjoy keeping fit and healthy and was therefore only interested in a work place where work-life balance is respected. Our founding partners Marcus and Patrick appreciate that motivation and creativity can be negatively impacted by long hours. Eradigm has a ‘work smart’ mantra meaning multiple systems are in place to ensure capacity is effectively managed. It also helps employee perks include group personal training sessions and contributions to our gym subscriptions.