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April 2021

With the anchor now securely lodged in 2021, what’s on the horizon for the life sciences industry and for healthcare in the UK? Certainly for healthcare, the tide seems to be turning again. As the team at Wilmington outlines on page 16, the government is proposing some of the most important reforms for health and social care in nearly a decade, which plan a shift away from competition towards collaborative working, but also seek to hand more power to ministers to intervene in decisions on healthcare services.

Elsewhere, Dr Kath MacKay looks into three areas for development in the UK life sciences sector in the years ahead: the end of malaria, the commercial appeal of science and quantum computing and health data (p18), while on page 22 Gilead’s Frances Luff emphasises the importance of the NICE methods review, and the opportunity it presents for enhancing how the value of innovative therapies is measured in today’s landscape.

HIV is an area which clearly showcases how innovative R&D can drastically improve the outlook for patients, although, as Gilead’s Geraldine Reil reminds us, despite the incredible advances in treatment seen in the decades since the virus emerged in the 1980s, the fight is still far from over (p32). For one, far too many people with HIV still live in secrecy or shame, she says, which has a huge impact on access to health services and quality of life. On page 34, Samantha Dawson gives a frank and honest insight into living with HIV, and the challenges she has faced.

Also of note, the 2021 PharmaTimes Marketer of the Year and Communications Awards have now launched, with the Sales Awards to closely follow, while entry to the PharmaTimes International Clinical Researcher of the Year closes on April 16, and that to Clinical Researcher of the Year, the Americas, on May 14 (more information at If you’re thinking of entering the 2021 Patient Partnership Index, entry to that also closes on May 14 (

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JUNE: Taking the lead. Is pharma’s management culture standing in the way of success?

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April 2021 - magazine highlights

Thumbnail image for On the horizon

On the horizon

After an eventful year, what’s next for the UK’s life sciences sector? Dr Kath MacKay looks into three areas for development in the years ahead

Thumbnail image for The value conundrum

The value conundrum

Gilead’s Frances Luff considers how updating NICE’s cost appraisal process and its take on value could secure fairer access to innovative treatments in the UK

Thumbnail image for The market access challenge

The market access challenge

Digital health technologies are failing to reach their potential to boost the quality and efficiency of healthcare systems, largely because of a lack of dedicated access pathways or value assessment processes

Thumbnail image for The first fallout

The first fallout

Taking a look at the recent dispute between the EU Commission and AstraZeneca over the ins and outs of its contract, Stuart Evans, commercial litigation expert and partner at law firm BLM, examines what this could represent for EU/UK cross-border pharma relations

Thumbnail image for Smart People: Dr Nick West

Smart People: Dr Nick West

Abbott’s Dr Nick West talks to PharmaTimes about going beyond intervention to improve the care of cardiovascular patients in the UK

Thumbnail image for HIV: the fight continues

HIV: the fight continues

Gilead Sciences’ global patient engagement lead and former HIV nurse specialist Geraldine Reilly explores today’s fight against the virus – as TV series It’s A Sin brings back memories of working on the frontline during the AIDS epidemic of the 1980s and 1990s

Thumbnail image for SMART PEOPLE: Jenny Ousbey

SMART PEOPLE: Jenny Ousbey

OVID Health founder Jenny Ousbey discusses the pandemic, patient advocacy and the Patient Partnership Index

Thumbnail image for Supply chain security

Supply chain security

Is blockchain the answer to protecting against counterfeits and medicines shortages?

Thumbnail image for Divided opinion

Divided opinion

Amgen v Sanofi: narrowing the scope of protection for antibody inventions?


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