Winners of the Best of Business Intelligence (BOBI) Awards 2020

The Best of Business Intelligence 2020

The BOBI (Best Of Business Intelligence) awards give BI specialists the opportunity to showcase their skills and expertise. It’s a chance to celebrate the contribution they make to UK pharma, the NHS and patients.

The awards ceremony was streamed on December 4, with hosts Wilf Iliffe, 14 Four Analytics (BOBI Chair) and Kelly West, Boehringer Ingelheim (BHBIA Board member) on stage, and each sponsor joining via video to announce winners.

The awards are divided into three types:

Task-based challenges

The Analyst of the Year and Analyst Team of the Year competitions allow analysts to showcase their skills in turning complex data sets into an interactive, engaging report that tells the story within the data. IQVIA and Boehringer Ingelheim won the analyst team event, with their strong set of recommendations that encouraged the sharing of best practice, and Genevieve Hall, Insight Dojo, won the individual event for her good story flow and clear outputs.

Creative Fieldwork Team of the Year invites teams to submit a creative response to the BHBIA’s ‘Request for Proposal’ in a fantasy tender. The winners were Fieldwork International, with a well-presented, realistic proposal inspiring confidence in the judges.

New for 2020, the Compliance Challenge award is for the team who responds best to a challenge that tests understanding of compliance requirements and the ability to resolve them. This award went to a team from Adelphi Research, GKA and Sanofi, who showed excellent compliance knowledge and good practice in collaborative working.

Real-life submissions

These five categories allow entrants to showcase excellent work from across the business intelligence spectrum.

Best Customer Insight was won by Red Leaf and Sanofi for ‘What to do when the customers have got it wrong!’. They delivered powerful and evidence-based insights which led to a fundamental change of approach when planning for a product’s launch in asthma.

The Best Use of Innovation winning entry, ‘A different angle sheds new light’, saw HRW deliver a project that was ‘the definition of innovation’: a client risking a different approach and an agency relationship that had the trust to pivot and expertise to deliver.

Excellence in Improving Market Access to Treatments, new for 2020, was won by Impact Health and AbbVie Ltd., with ‘Achieving equitable care in advanced Parkinson’s disease’. Their work contributed to the development of initiatives that have tangibly helped patients with Parkinson’s access the therapies that they truly need.

The winning entry in the Best Patient- Centric Approach category was ‘Waking Up To Psoriasis: How research insights formed the bedrock of a campaign that inspired people with psoriasis across the UK’, a collaboration involving the Psoriasis Association, LEO Pharma UK, WE Communications and Synergy Healthcare Research. The work resulted in increased public understanding, reduced social isolation and encouraged psoriasis patients to re-engage with their healthcare.

Best Business Impact was another win for Red Leaf and Sanofi, with ‘Shaking It Up!’ which kept emotional insight at the forefront to ‘shake up’ pre-launch planning for a rare, life-threatening blood disorder.

Best Newcomer competition day

Best Newcomer is awarded to the rising star who best demonstrates core abilities and skills in a series of individual challenges, based around a product-launch scenario. Following a one-day event, converted this year to a virtual format, the award went to Helen Kirkpatrick of Branding Science.

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The results

Best Customer Insight

Sponsored by GlobaLexicon

What to do when the customers have got it wrong!

Steve Lowery, Philippa Hammerton & Liz Vickery, Red Leaf

Paul Ward, Sanofi

Best Use of Innovation

Sponsored by SurveyHealthcareGlobus (SHG)

A different angle sheds new light

Katy Irving, John Maher, Kirsty Page & Victoria McWade, HRW

Excellence in Improving Market Access to Treatments

Sponsored by Roche Products Limited

Achieving equitable care in advanced Parkinson’s disease

Jamie Margerison & George Sheen, Impact Health

Natalie Marley, AbbVie Ltd.

Best Patient-Centric Approach

Sponsored by Partners4Access

Waking Up To Psoriasis: How research insights formed the bedrock of a campaign that inspired people with psoriasis across the UK

Helen McAteer, Psoriasis Association

Alexandra Orton & Julie Wong, LEO Pharma UK

Niamh Griffin, WE Communications

Jon Freeman, Synergy Healthcare Research

Best Business Impact

Sponsored by Janssen

Shaking It Up!

Philippa Hammerton & Liz Vickery, Red Leaf

Paul Ward, Sanofi

Analyst Team of the Year

Sponsored by OPEN Health (formerly OPEN VIE)

Tom Woods & Ben Hope, IQVIA

Gary Hamilton, Simon Vincent, Nick Gorostidi & James Warren, Boehringer Ingelheim

Analyst of the Year

Sponsored by Cegedim Health Data

Genevieve Hall, Insight Dojo

The Compliance Challenge

Supported by the BHBIA Ethics & Compliance Committee

Kate Shaul, Melanie Rankin, Rachel Medcalf & Rachael Turner, Adelphi Research

Adam Irwin, GKA

Paul Ward, Sanofi

Creative Fieldwork Team of the Year

Sponsored by SERMO

Vicky Burke, Keshia Bowyer, Barenese Du-Pont, Alistair Bates & Vitoria Gramacho, Fieldwork International

Best Newcomer Sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim, with event support from Kantar

Helen Kirkpatrick, Branding Science