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July/August 2021

Whilst we have seen the COVID pandemic wreak havoc on care pathways across the country, it has also spurred closer and more concentrated working relationships between all factions of healthcare, with the common goal of improving outcomes for patients. And so learnings from this year’s Patient Partnership Index (p20) should be more pertinent now than ever before, helping pharma to keep patients at the centre of all that it does amid these particularly challenging times. A huge congratulations to Gilead Sciences, Leo Pharma (UK) and Pfizer, which all achieved GOLD standard for their entries.

Also with patients firmly in mind, on page 17 John Pinching considers how a growing confidence in the life sciences industry and the currency of individual experience is giving patient centricity an injection of new life, while on page 24 Oli Hudson outlines six different ways the industry has partnered with the NHS, all mutually beneficial while ultimately improving services for patients.

Elsewhere, David Sant provides fascinating insight into the debate over patent waivers for COVID vaccines and technology (p34), while Chris Smith, Robin Ellis and Pete Sadler urge pharma companies to be prepared for standard-essential patents, which are coming to the industry in one way or another (p32).

Finally, another reminder that the 2021 PharmaTimes Marketer of the Year, Communications Awards and Sales Awards are open for entry, while tickets are still on sale for the International Clinical Researcher of the Year gala dinner. For more information visit

July 2021 - magazine highlights

Thumbnail image for Pharma’s coming home

Pharma’s coming home

Growing confidence in the life sciences industry and the currency of individual experience has given patient centricity an injection of new life. It has also been essential in suppressing the coronavirus and establishing humanity’s position in the race against time

Thumbnail image for Golden opportunities

Golden opportunities

Collaborative working is a cornerstone of the government’s White Paper for the NHS, but how can pharmaceutical companies best get in on the act? Wilmington Healthcare’s Oli Hudson looks at six distinct ways in which industry can partner with NHS organisations to mutual advantage

Thumbnail image for Engaging the masses

Engaging the masses

How the healthcare sector can learn from the ad industry  to better engage target audiences and improve education

Thumbnail image for On the horizon

On the horizon

Standard-essential patents are coming to the pharmaceutical industry

Thumbnail image for The patent waiver debate

The patent waiver debate

In recent months an intense debate has arisen about a potential waiving of patent rights on COVID vaccines. This article looks at the background to this debate, the relevance of patent rights to the COVID vaccines and the various issues raised by the different protagonists.

Thumbnail image for Supporting the new healthcare normal

Supporting the new healthcare normal

The healthcare industry has successfully brought effective vaccines to market despite massive disruption from COVID-19. But with global supply chains still stretched, what are the priorities for supply chain players as we move towards a ‘new normal’?


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