How tech is enabling a more representative future for pharma

Within the pharma industry, more companies are focusing on how they can increase diversity not only within their company, but also throughout the product development life cycle and in engagements with external stakeholders. This change is needed. In the clinical trial space alone, marginalised groups are repeatedly under-represented in clinical trials, despite often being impacted to a greater extent by the effects of a condition.

Simply put, patients are incredibly diverse, and pharma industry activities don’t yet mirror that diversity.

This article looks at the foundations of change that are beginning to emerge and the promise of technology in securing sustained progress towards achieving meaningful diversity goals.

The author considers diversity in discussion, socioeconomic diversity in trials, removing the language barrier and diversity in women's health, and concludes that while there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to building diversity into all levels of a company, technology has a vital role to play in democratising the debate and lowering barriers to KOL and patient engagement for the industry.

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