The healthcare industry has successfully brought effective vaccines to market despite massive disruption from COVID-19. But with global supply chains still stretched, what are the priorities for supply chain players as we move towards a ‘new normal’?

This article looks at the immediate financial, logistical and operational challenges ahead for companies planning a new post-COVID normal and the priorities for supply chain players.

It covers the key supply chain priorities for healthcare stakeholders in a more patient-centric environment:

Remote patient monitoring, with the telehealth market expected to grow at a CAGR of 40% through 2025;

Direct-to-patient distribution, with the potential for more convenience, waste reduction and improving adherence to dose recommendations and regimes; and

Supply chain resilience, to support an increased level of patient engagement.

The organisations planning ahead now and considering alternative models of care will be more likely to succeed over the long term, the authors stress.

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