PharmaTimes -
June 2021

This month’s PharmaTimes is packed with a variety of features centred on clinical research, the lifeblood of our industry. Our insightful front cover article delves into the key regulatory considerations on both sides of the Atlantic for starting cell and gene therapy trials (p26), while others look at the rise of genetic sequencing (p30) and 2021 trends in global trials (p20).

We also take a look at some promising new therapy areas, with two articles on medical cannabis, focusing on how big pharma can help improve the UK’s market (p38) and the need for a harmonised regulatory framework across Europe (p40), and also breaking new boundaries with virtual therapies (p34) that are showing value for a number of health conditions, including PTSD and pain.

Young leaders take the stage for our monthly Q&A stream of interviews (p13), showcasing promising young stars of healthcare communications, their professional successes and hopes for the future.

Finally, just a reminder that the 2021 PharmaTimes Marketer of the Year, Communications Awards, Sales Awards and Clinical Researcher of the Year – The Americas are all open for entry, while tickets are now on sale for the International Clinical Researcher of the Year gala dinner. For more information visit

I hope you enjoy the issue!

June 2021 - magazine highlights

Thumbnail image for Safety first

Safety first

Professor Saad Shakir reflects on the gap in public knowledge about routine drug safety and pharmacovigilance activity

Thumbnail image for The medical cannabis opportunity

The medical cannabis opportunity

Medical cannabis is experiencing a surge of demand in Europe – but a lack of the usual harmonised regulatory framework and diversity in attitudes to cannabis from country to country could pose a challenge.

Thumbnail image for Past, present and future

Past, present and future

Dr Jorg Taubel reflects on 20 years in clinical research in the UK:  how has it changed and what does this mean for the future?

Thumbnail image for Keeping pace

Keeping pace

Environmental risk, biosafety and other key regulatory considerations  for cell and gene therapy trials

Thumbnail image for SMART PEOPLE:  Anthony Yanni

SMART PEOPLE: Anthony Yanni

Anthony Yanni, senior vice president and head of Patient Centricity at Astellas, says that for patient centricity to truly work, it must deliver value to both patients and the business

Thumbnail image for Breaking boundaries

Breaking boundaries

With technology evolving at breakneck speed, it’s fair to say that the sky is the limit when it comes to the use of virtual therapeutics

Thumbnail image for RNA in the spotlight

RNA in the spotlight

RNA treatments and vaccines have just shown the scale of their potential. Now’s the time to position the UK as a global leader

Thumbnail image for (New) terms of engagement

(New) terms of engagement

With the pandemic and structural reforms taking their toll on the NHS workforce, Oli Hudson looks at how pharma can develop a sensitive and intelligent engagement approach that reflects the climate of change and uncertainty faced by clinical teams

Thumbnail image for The shape of it

The shape of it

Should pharma companies consider protecting the shape of their products?


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