James Addicott, Four Health, Senior Account Director

Why the interest in medical information?

I completed my degree in Biological Sciences at the University of Exeter which is where my interest in the pharmaceutical industry began. After graduating I was keen for my first career role to combine my background in science with the business element of the pharmaceutical world. I spotted an opportunity to join Novartis UK on their graduate programme in the medical information team, which was a great fit and gave me an excellent grounding in how a pharma company operates. This was invaluable when I ended up transitioning into commercial positions. Especially for my roles in launch brand marketing and communications, working with differen franchises on their promotional and non-promotional campaigns.

What do you enjoy most about your current role?

As a Senior Account Director for Four Health Media, I love working with our clients to deliver exceptional data-led campaigns to push the boundaries of their thinking with 3rd party media. I take great pride in seeing the end to end delivery of campaigns, from working with the client through a brief, the research and planning phase, all the way through to seeing the campaign come to life and deliver against the business objectives. I also love the fact the role stretches my thinking given the range of brands we work on, from prescription secondary care medicines to consumer health brands, which require different strategic approaches to deliver success.

What’s your most significant professional success so far at Four Health?

One of my biggest achievements has been to bring consumer advertising strategies to our client’s media campaigns, adapting these strategies to suit the highly regulated world of healthcare professional advertising. With the pressures that COVID has put on the industry, digital media has really come to the forefront for many of the brands we work on. However, for some clients it is an area they have limited experience in. Through close collaboration I’ve been able to help our clients navigate from traditional media placements to incorporating tailored content with location-based targeting, enabling brands to adapt their marketing to their audiences’ requirements and locations. On a personal note, I joined Four in the midst of lockdown which means I have never been able to meet any clients, go into the office or meet any team members. This has really tested my adaptability and I’m incredibly proud that I’ve been able to develop such strong relationships with our clients and deliver campaigns that have changed the way they communicate with their target audiences during this uncertain time.

What are your professional hopes for the future?

The world of media has already changed so much in the last ten years, however the landscape of pharmaceutical advertising needs to adapt to an environment that is moving faster than it is. My aim is to be a key leader in the way the industry grows in how we communicate and market brands to audiences who are moving away from traditional media consumption to a more on demand, tailored strategy. Being on the forefront of this is exciting and connects my personal and professional ambitions.