Lucy Goodwill, Four Health, Account Manager

What inspired you to work with a healthcare agency?

Before joining Four Health I studied molecular genetics at university. I’m one of those people who loved their degree and I knew that it was a must that I worked somewhere that I could use my biomedical science background day-to-day. I didn’t want to go down the lab research route which is how I came to find healthcare communications. I was initially drawn to working within healthcare communications, and agency specifically, as it allowed me to work within multiple disease areas with such variation across my role. I started as an intern to fin out on the ground what healthcare comms agency life was really like, and three years later my interest has only grown.

What are you most proud of having achieved in your career so far?

I’ve worked across a number of fantastic projects, but one that I’ve been involved in practically from my first day, and that I’m really proud of, is a healthcare professional education programme called ‘The VOICE’ which looks to train up-and-coming specialist HIV clinicians in research. I’ve been able to work with leading global experts in HIV to develop quality education that makes a difference. It’s always so lovely to see the true worth of the programme, hearing from alumni about the amazing research that they have gone on to do following the training. I should also mention the GLAD Study here. This is a fantastic campaign launch that I worked on to recruit people to contribute to a genetic database of people who have experienced anxiety or depression. The campaign was seven times award-winning (!) and the work we did will make a major contribution to understanding, preventing and treating mental ill-health.

What do you hope to achieve at Four Health?

I hope to continue to learn and rise up the ranks within Four Health! My real focus and interest day-to-day is working with our pharmaceutical clients. I want to continue my interest in this area, learning and working closely across our pharma clients in new therapy launches, patient advocacy and medical education.

To what do you attribute your success thus far?

I really think I can attribute my success so far to the people I work with day-to-day. My colleagues have created an environment that gives me the space to grow and support me to give me the confidence to push myself and challenge myself to do things outside my comfort zone. I’ve had amazing opportunities to work on accounts that really interest me and drive me and have given me a whirlwind of experience!