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May 2021

This month we celebrate women from various factions of healthcare who are all striving to achieve better outcomes for patients in their vastly different roles, showcasing their careers, interests, achievements and thoughts on the future. Turn to page 17 to meet some of the brightest stars across pharma, communications and healthcare.

With patient outcomes also clearly centre stage, on page 30 Craig Adkins says now is the time to level up care for patients with irritable bowel disorder (IBD), a condition for which there is an urgent need for a national disease strategy and the application of a standard of care across the country, while on page 34, looking at 15 years of biosimilars in Europe, Rebecca Guntern highlights that the opportunity to leverage biosimilars ‘as an obvious and sustainable way to increase patient access to medicines has never been closer’.

Elsewhere, on p28 there’s an interesting analysis by CRA on whether disease rarity is valued in cost-effectiveness analyses by decision makers in England, and on page 36 Mike Ward details the drugs hitting the market in 2021 that are likely to hit blockbuster status within five years.

And finally, some news on our competitions - the 2021 PharmaTimes Marketer of the Year, Communications Awards and Clinical Researcher of the Year, the Americas, are all still open for entry, while the PharmaTimes Sales Awards are set to launch in May. For more information visit www. Also, if you’re thinking of entering the 2021 Patient Partnership Index, entry to that closes on May 14 (www.

May 2021 - magazine highlights

Thumbnail image for Next-generation comms

Next-generation comms

It’s a virtual world out there. Katrina Megget asks what’s next for digital communications?

Thumbnail image for Provider collaboratives

Provider collaboratives

Oli Hudson, content director at Wilmington Healthcare, takes a look at the new groups of providers that are expected to play a pivotal role in integrating care

Thumbnail image for Striving for more

Striving for more

500,000 reasons why now is the time to level up IBD care and treatment across the country

Thumbnail image for Approach with intent

Approach with intent

Purpose proves itself: permission for pharma to explore better ways to partner with customers and regulators

Thumbnail image for SMART PEOPLE: Jackie Williams

SMART PEOPLE: Jackie Williams

Jackie Williams, general manager, Astellas UK & Ireland, on her achievements, COVID-19, the challenges and opportunities for pharma and the need for progress in how we value innovation

Thumbnail image for SMART PEOPLE: Dr Steve Cutler

SMART PEOPLE: Dr Steve Cutler

PharmaTimes talks to Dr Steve Cutler, chief executive officer at ICON plc, about the impact of the COVID pandemic and challenges of running large-scale vaccine trials

Thumbnail image for Care in the community

Care in the community

Mads Mikkelsen reminds us of the crucial role pharmacies play in the healthcare system and considers the adaptations they will have to make to thrive post-pandemic in a world that demands more from its high street

Thumbnail image for Class of 2021

Class of 2021

Drug development triumphs amidst a challenging 2020


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