Amanda Koontz, Bionical Emas, Project Director – Early Access Programs

Can you tell us a little about your background?

I have built over 15 years’ experience supporting and overseeing Global Project Management and Field Operations, focusing on cardiovascular, toxicology, oncology and vaccine projects. Since joining Bionical Emas, I have overseen US and global early access programs (EAPs) including single patient emergency access. Through my time working in physicians’ offices I have witnessed firsthand the challenges staff and patients face daily. This experience has fostered my passion for continuous consideration of healthcare professional (HCP) and patient needs in Bionical Emas’ day-to-day EAP operations.

What excites you about your field of work?

Being part of the Early Access Programs (EAP) team at Bionical Emas has opened my eyes to a whole different aspect of clinical research. I truly believe we are meant to serve others and helping to deliver potentially life-saving treatment to patients around the world who have exhausted all other options instils a passion in me that I have not found in previous positions throughout my career.

Which successes are you most proud of?

It is critical for me to begin my day with taking care of my body and mind through physical movement and setting intentions. I prefer to focus on small successes daily as they have proven to compound and lead to long-term overall success, both personally and professionally. Being able to end the day knowing I was there to help a colleague and friend with a challenge or deliverable, working side by side with my direct reports to get a shipment to a site/patient in less than 24 hours and knowing I provided our clients with the service that our company is committed to, reminds me to be grateful for where my path has led me.

What are the greatest challenges you’ve had to overcome?

Admitting when I need to ask for help and that asking for help is not a weakness. I was raised by a strong single mother and one main character trait I gained from that is ensuring I would know how to be independent and able take care of myself. When busy or stressed, I can sometimes forget I have a great support system and they are there to help with my success. When all else seems uncontrollable, just breathe.

What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learnt?

Listen to understand, not to reply.

Where do you want to be in ten years’ time?

Continuing to serve others and making an impact. Smiling, laughing and dancing daily, and most definitely in the sunshine near a beach!