Amrit Bagha, Bionical Emas, Director of Project Management Office - Clinical Development

Why the interest in clinical research?

I stumbled across clinical research at a time that I was going through a career change. I quickly learned all things about the industry, and it was very apparent how impactful clinical research is. The clich√© is that I have always wanted to help people, but I am far too squeamish to consider going into medicine, so this is now the next best thing. Like most in the industry, there is also a personal connection for me to research that makes me want to make real change and be part of the journey to bring medicines to help change patients’ lives.

What is your greatest professional achievement to date?

Since joining the Bionical Emas family, this has been a whirlwind year or so and I am tremendously proud of establishing the Project Management Office (PMO) at Bionical Emas. The PMO consists of incredibly steadfast and bright professionals who inspire me daily to think about how we can seamlessly deliver projects to our clients. Being consistent and data driven is our gig and they manage to pull it off so effortlessly. My achievement means nothing without the people behind it.

What are the greatest challenges you’ve had to overcome?

Establishing a new department and entering a new role during a pandemic has been no easy feat. Adapting the way the team works together outside of an office setting and delivers clinical trials within COVID-19 has been a challenge you wouldn’t have imagined this time last year. No challenge is overcome on your own and this past year the team has been determined to stay connected and show agility to anything thrown in their pathway.

What advice would you offer those thinking of a similar career?

The key attributes that will make you stand out in project leadership: be divergent, inquisitive, do not be afraid to challenge, get out of your comfort zone and be agile. Most of all, be yourself and bring some personality to the table! For any individuals contemplating their next career move into leadership, just remember that ‘today’s broken glass ceilings are tomorrow’s stepping stones’.

What are your hopes for the future?

What else is there to do, apart from achieving world peace like Miss Congeniality?! In all seriousness, the PMO is just at the beginning of its new chapter. I can visualise how the PMO will grow into a diverse team, that we will change how to deliver projects outside of the conventional formula and become an integral group to our Clinical Development division which is an exciting prospect. I genuinely can’t wait to see the team grow into their own and develop the next generation of industry project leaders!