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January/February 2022

As we start 2022, there are hopes that COIVD-19 can be managed at last, thanks to the pharma industry’s swift vaccine development and deployment.

While there is undoubtedly a long way to go, and there has been heartbreak for many, the crisis has forced positive changes too. Both pharma and healthcare professionals who were reticent about digital communications and methods before the crisis have had to embrace technology and accelerate upgrades to stay competitive and manage their roles. The most agile are reaping the rewards.

However, while many recognise the benefits of online solutions, the downside is that cybercrime is increasing. In our cover feature (p26), Rod Schregardus of The Access Group highlights the vulnerable areas and presents some measures that pharma can take to protect itself.

Similarly, Within3’s Mike Abbadessa expands on how virtual engagement can help insights management and boost diversity in trials in his article on page 20. However, Christel Wolthoorn of LovedBy Consulting notes that running clinical trials remotely may not always result in the expected increase in participation and easier recruitment. She stresses that people’s need for human contact and emotional connection must not be forgotten.

So, the task now is to sift through all the initiatives taken over the past two years and cherry pick the ones that work. Undoubtedly, there is a prominent place for digital innovation, but in-person interactions have a value too. It is important to be open to new ideas and maintain the flexibility that the pandemic forced upon us.

Did you attend the PharmaTimes Marketer of the Year, Communications and Sales Awards at the grand Chelsea Harbour Hotel in December 2021? Take a look at all the great coverage, starting on page 28, celebrating companies’ adaptability and fortitude during another difficult year.

This issue is full of actionable insights. Enjoy!

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