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July/August 2022

Altogether now

Perhaps the one ‘silver lining’ from the healthcare tumult and pandemic chaos of the past couple of years was a demonstration of unity between pharma, public health institutions and – pivotally – the wider public. This cooperation was absolutely fundamental on the relative return to normality which we are now relishing.

In many ways, it was a unique demonstration of what happens when an often-misunderstood industry is rapidly demystified by chance and circumstance. In the case of pharma, it was a stark example of trust engendered at hyper-speed. Indeed, history will witness that the take-up of the vaccine was a pivotal moment when all things seem possible.

Make no mistake, pharma now has a great opportunity to leverage its new, rebooted relationship with patients – notably through clinical trial redesign, digital health, dynamic communication, healthcare data, diversity & inclusion and the challenge presented by climate change.

These are all the issues that are forming the building blocks of a radical ecosystem in which pharma and patients are co-workers in the increasingly sophisticated and accelerated therapy development process. And at the heart of this is difference. Difference in approach, difference in perspective and, above all, difference in personnel.

It’s a truly transformational time across the pharmaverse and we must make sure that the modern relationships established in recent times are maintained as a force for good.
Many of these era-defining plot points appear in the very pages of this publication – I hope they serve to inspire.

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