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June 2022

Let’s be honest, no one is really ‘destined’ to work in pharma – no one drifts of to sleep when they’re 17, dreaming of performing splash-less dives into a swimming pool of life-saving or hitherto undiscovered pharmaceuticals (with the possible exception of Keith Richards).

For those of us who make it into the inner sanctum of pharma, it is usually through a more gradual, measured and mused-upon process. But, once we arrive, the realisation blossoms that this historically mysterious industry is the only one on the planet that truly ofers a complete array of narratives – life, death and everything in between. This process of ‘demystifying’ pharma and possibly carving a career in it, is rebooting.

The pharma monolith is changing before our very eyes and the pace of progress in recent years has been astonishing – blink and you’ll miss it. This rapid metamorphosis is being largely shaped by wider society and is triggering the biggest changes to pharma and its culture in 200 years. As our industry becomes more transparent, engaged with its ‘end users’ and while surfng the giant waves of digital opportunity, it is much more realistic that people from all walks of life feel part of the equation and – in terms of drug development – part of the solution. As you’ll discover in these pages, we are looking out towards a brave and exciting new pharmaverse.

One in which pharma is becoming a refection of us – all of us. Enjoy the mag,

John Pinching editor

June 2022 - magazine highlights

Thumbnail image for Anatomy of the new NHS

Anatomy of the new NHS

For the cogs of a cohesive healthcare ecosystem to align, understanding the key players across the modernised NHS landscape is key

Thumbnail image for Jolly green giants?

Jolly green giants?

Pharma is gradually reconciling its responsibilities to the planet but there is still much soul-searching to be done

Thumbnail image for Room with a view

Room with a view

The Healthcare Communications Association’s Briefing Room interview series has been talking to prominent leaders at the forefront of change

Thumbnail image for Life changer

Life changer

Sukhjeen Kaur shares her story of being a young person managing a condition which many assume only affects older people

Thumbnail image for Taking flight

Taking flight

Moving genomic medicine beyond its Kitty Hawk moment is a pivotal challenge for industry and vital milestone for the treatment landscape

Thumbnail image for Show real

Show real

Simon Tilley ponders the issue of when mass digitalisation and real-world data will accelerate the regulatory process

Thumbnail image for Cane and able

Cane and able

In a sweet result for pharmaceuticals, Astellas has invented the world’s first plant-based pill pack

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