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March 2022

Pinching’s Pathway

I always said that one day pharma would be unmasked, demystified and fully inducted into popular culture. Admittedly, I didn’t realise it would take an international pandemic for this wildly optimistic vision to unfold.

Nevertheless, that is the status quo in which we find ourselves; people are talking about the life sciences industry more than Amazon, Apple and Netflix put together (no, I do not have the data to back this up). Our industry is talked about all over the world and it is great to be gripping the PharmaTimes helm and navigating the waves of an astonishing period in healthcare history.

In retrospect, I now realise that the subjects I had previously written about – academic research, politics and sport – were simply gateways to pharma, one of the most important industries in the world. At its best, pharma is innovative, experimental and transformational.

This new chapter, however, promises more. We have a unique opportunity to ignite drug development, digital medicine and the design of clinical trials. But we can also turn up the amplifier on sustainability, diversity and inclusion and we can do these things because pharma makes things happen.

The magazine is going to be a reflection of what is going on throughout the brave new pharmaverse – the possibilities, the collaborations, the conversations, the breakthroughs and, who knows, the odd vaccine. That’s the thing about this industry – it gets in your blood.

Enjoy the magazine.

March 2022 - magazine highlights

Thumbnail image for Pioneer of progress

Pioneer of progress

Abbott’s Claire Bhogal talks about paving the way for gender parity, allyship and important conversations

Thumbnail image for A force of nature

A force of nature

During the last decade sustainability has risen to the very summit of company agendas. Mewburn Ellis’s Joe Newcombe looks out to pharma’s cleaner, greener horizon

Thumbnail image for Marketing strategy

Marketing strategy

Healthcare digital guru David Reilly offers four counter-intuitive strategies for supporting effective pharma marketing

Thumbnail image for Single dose innovation

Single dose innovation

Mike Fraser from Novartis Gene Therapies on why single dose treatment innovation requires healthcare providers to adopt a new mindset and shift in culture

Thumbnail image for The evolution of psychedelia

The evolution of psychedelia

The psychedelics regulatory landscape in Europe is evolving and perceptions are changing but the UK is not quite convinced (yet)

Thumbnail image for World in motion

World in motion

Current market dynamics in the European life sciences sector have been radically altered by the turbulence of COVID-19. The pandemic, however, has presented unique challenges and opportunities

Thumbnail image for Portal to progress

Portal to progress

Jason Bernstein from epocrates discusses how digital transformationis reshaping the pharma marketing landscape

Thumbnail image for Drive time

Drive time

What does the future hold for clinical trial recruitment?

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