PharmaTimes Editor John Pinching meets Johnson & Johnson’s Erin McEachren for an unforgettable chat about MedTech, sustainability, diversity and – of course – skiing

When our coffees arrive it is noticeable that, while mine has been decorated with the barista’s noble effort at a non-specific leaf, my special guest’s is emphatically finished with the maple variety.

That’s because I’m here with none other than Erin McEachren, Johnson & Johnson’s regional VP for its Surgical Vision arm and, indeed, a former skier for her native Canada. Needless to say, it’s all downhill from here – but in a good way!

Hi Erin. Tell me how early experiences have shaped your ambitions?
I grew up on a farm, was very active and loved sports, but when I was ten years’ old my knees began hurting, so my parents kept taking me to the GP every few months. Eventually the doctor recommended that I see an orthopaedic surgeon. After taking some x-rays, the surgeon revealed that it wasn’t my knees that were deteriorating, but my hip.

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