How can biopharma companies embed patient-centricity and boost the patient voice?

Healthcare consumers are changing. Once relatively passive passengers, they are becoming proactive participants. Empowered by the availability of information, they are accustomed to gathering their own knowledge, and consequently expect greater involvement in decision-making.

The wider healthcare industry, however, has not always kept pace with this shift.

From our conversations across the industry, biopharma and life sciences teams see themselves as an integral part of the health universe, wherever they work across the product life cycle. They want to adapt and recognise the opportunity ahead. However, they require help to bring their ambition to reality.

We have identified six practical actions to help companies get started: define what ‘patient-centricity’ means for you; collaborate with partners; incorporate the voice of patients; foster a growth mindset; improve patient communication; and use data in a smarter way.

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