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March 2023

Change seems to be the hardest word

Mythologising about the NHS has fnally had its day of reckoning. And, alas, we’re all to blame.

We have collectively failed to make the distinction between healthcare professionals – the majority of which are superb – and the management of the institution in which they operate, which is utterly woeful. The NHS simply cannot continue to waste money, resources and talent at the current level.

The truth is hard to take. For the last 30 years the NHS has been living on a truly great principle but without evolving – essentially existing on the fumes of our goodwill.

As well meaning as ‘clap for the NHS’ might have been, and as completely misleading as ‘free at the point of service’ most certainly is, they only serve to camoufage the systemic problems besetting our dear health service.

The solution is obvious, if only we could retire a few other unhelpful myths. The NHS already hosts many collaborations with pharma companies – perhaps industry could use its expertise in a more fundamental role, with organisation and economics at the centre.

Yes, many of us have sneered at the fnancial aspects of pharma, but only because we contrast it with the NHS (which we believe is charmingly skint). Indeed, all too often we give the NHS a free pass because we are so seduced by the ‘ideology’ that we don’t pay for it. Spoiler alert – most of us chuck tens of thousands at it during our lives.

Pharma and the NHS combined to beat the pandemic, so why not tag-team for the future of our healthcare?

For the sceptics, I ask you to consider the alternative – the inevitable collapse of the NHS. Now that really would be a bitter pill to swallow.

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