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September 2023

The young ones

For centuries when people pondered about what the life sciences represented, ‘yoof culture’ would not have been very high on the list. Indeed, it probably wasn’t on the list at all.

Bunsen burners, petri dishes, hypodermic needles, lab coats and very seriouslooking men of a certain age were all the ubiquitous symbols of mysterious scientific practices. The geminating idea that young people could aspire to, or participate in, the wider industry was not spread with any great enthusiasm.

Like so much of pharma’s fabric, things have changed at tremendous, exhilarating pace over the last few years. Today, from a personnel point of view, we are motivated by extremely compelling paradigms around inclusion, triggered by wider societal shifts.

Meanwhile, the hardware of history – the clunky laboratory furniture of yore – is rapidly giving way to whistling pistons of digital technology. Chemicals, human behaviour and data are now dancing in step to a therapeutic beat – to the algorithm of the night (if I may be so bold!).

Realising the full potential of these elements, and the combining thereof, requires maximum respect for young people and upcoming generations. Such opportunities, as our cover story attests, are now opening, and with impressive speed and frequency.

It is a sign from our historic industry that it needs young people, not just from a traditional scientific pathway but with a kaleidoscope of talent that crosspollinates with all the great industries. It is a sign that we are moving with the times – in directions that no one could have predicted.

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