Pharma’s dramatic global battle against antimicrobial resistance intensifies

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is one of the top ten most serious global public health threats according to the World Health Organization.

It was directly to blame for at least 1.27 million deaths across the globe in 2019, whilst a further 5 million deaths were indirectly associated with resistance.

In the battle against AMR, a large focus continues to be on the R&D pipeline and the development of new treatments for infections. Recently, the UK Government announced an allocation of £39m in support of this research.

While R&D, however, is essential, there are other practical ways for stakeholders to manage and reduce this ever-growing threat to the global population.

Pharma has a vital role to play in the fight against AMR, but what are the main priorities and latest progress in minimising AMR infections?

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