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That’s democracy

Democratising clinical trials among patient groups must become a pivotal target throughout the healthcare ecosystem

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Data with destiny

How we recognise and respond to disease is evolving – our future is inseparable from it

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The incredible journey

Hayley Scutts reflects on an inspiring and intrepid route to a nursing career – which started as a patient

Thumbnail image for Seizing the zeitgeist

Seizing the zeitgeist

Hannah Riley talks about women’s health, the contraception gap and the importance of owning the narrative

Thumbnail image for New balance

New balance

Levelling up on prescribing, acting on variations in prescribing practice and solving health inequalities have provided the NHS with an era-specific agenda

Thumbnail image for Awakenings


Conscious digital transformation across healthcare and the NHS is gradually happening but significant challenges are afoot

Thumbnail image for Space invaders

Space invaders

Next-generation cell and gene therapies are spurring demand for manufacturing space in key life sciences clusters

Thumbnail image for The rise of patient 2.0

The rise of patient 2.0

Janssen’s Emily Bone talks about modern patient engagement evolution and why it is the driving force for a brave new era

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