Aspiring Marketer of the Year

Entry Guidelines and Judging Criteria

This category will test your understanding of the basic requirements of a marketing role.  An understanding of the tactical and operational marketing processes that are required to perform the role will form part of how you will be judged on the day.

Individuals hoping to progress towards a marketing role in the near future


  • Finalists will be invited to take part in a case-study challenge developed by an independent expert panel relevant to your category
  • Finalists will be presented with the case study on arrival at the finals day – and given a set period of time for preparation (usually 1 hour),  before delivering their response to a judging panel of senior marketing and industry leaders.

Judging Criteria:
Specific scoring criteria will be developed alongside each year’s unique case-study / challenge.  But all finalists should bear in mind the following points for this category:

  • Comprehending and understanding the challenge and your task:
    Finalists should demonstrate an understanding of the case study and what you have been asked to do
  • Understanding of the sales and marketing process
    Demonstrate a sales and marketing process whilst presenting your outputs to the panel
  • Patient flow
    Demonstrate your ability to identify and stratify patient flow, taking into account patient numbers and any other specifics of the case study
  • Customers
    Identify target customers and present a rationale for targeting this/these segment/s
  • Draw appropriate conclusions
    Effectively draw conclusions from a balance of fact and reasonable assumptions
  • Planning
    Demonstrate an understanding of what promotional activities may be required for the brand challenge outlined in the case study.


Key dates

Entry Opens
Entry Closes
Virtual Finals Day
Awards Ceremony
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