Marketer of the Year

Entry Guidelines and Judging Criteria

This category will test your marketing experience & allow you to demonstrate your skill in the core domain of an experienced pharmaceutical marketer – “Developing and executing brand strategy”.    Excellence in this category will require an understanding of the processes involved in developing a country specific brand strategy, and experience in building a tactical execution which delivers against that strategy. Candidates will be judged on three components;

  1. Their ability to shape a strong strategy & derive a brand positioning appropriate to the environment
  2. Their ability to leverage a tactical plan which will execute that brand strategy, and apply measures to maintain course
  3. Their capability to tell a strong and coherent story in their final presentation.

For experienced marketers (Typically over 4 years’ experience)
Brand Manager, Senior Brand Manager, Brand Lead, Marketing Manager


  • Finalists will be invited to take part in a category-specific case-study challenge developed by an independent expert panel.
  • Finalists will be presented with the challenge on arrival at the finals day – and given a set period of time for preparation (usually 1 hour) – before delivering their response to a judging panel of senior marketing and industry leaders.

Specific scoring criteria will be developed alongside each year’s unique case-study / challenge.  But all finalists should bear in mind the following points for this category:

  • Comprehending and understanding the challenge:
    Finalists should demonstrate an understanding of the case study and the challenges faced
  • Understanding of the sales and marketing process
    Demonstrate a robust sales and marketing process whilst presenting your outputs to the panel
  • Planning
    Deliver a robust strategy & marketing plan, with clear objectives, timings and measures
  • Draw appropriate conclusions
    Effectively draw conclusions from a balance of fact and reasonable assumptions
  • Customers
    Identify target customers and present a rationale for targeting this/these segment/s
  • Patient flow
    Demonstrate your ability to identify and stratify patient flow, taking into account patient numbers and any other specifics of the case study
  • Financial
    Consider the financial implications for your recommendations
  • Vision
    Provide a long term vision of how to manage the issues raised in the case study


Key dates

Entry Opens
Entry Closes
Virtual Finals Day – Singles
Finals Day – Cross – Functional Team
Awards Ceremony