Omnichannel/Digital Marketer of the Year

Entry Guidelines and Judging Criteria

This category will test your omnichannel/digital marketing experience & allow you to demonstrate your skill in the core domain of omnichannel orchestration – “Developing and executing omnichannel strategy and tactical execution”. Excellence in this category will require an understanding of communicating impactful content through the optimal channel and frequency based on stakeholder preference aligned to brand strategy. Entrants will be judged on three component:

  1. Their ability to shape a strong omnichannel strategy & utilise appropriate channel communication to the environment
  2. Their ability to leverage a tactical plan which will execute that brand strategy, and apply measures to maintain course
  3. Their capability to tell a strong and coherent story in their final presentation.

For experienced marketers, omnichannel/digital leads (Typically over 2-3 years’ experience)
Omnichannel engagement manager/lead, Content and strategy manager/lead, Multichannel marketing manager, Customer Experience manager/lead Brand Manager, Senior Brand Manager, Brand Lead & Marketing Manager


  • Finalists will be invited to take part in a category-specific case-study challenge developed by an independent expert panel.
  • Finalists will be presented with the challenge on arrival at the finals day – and given a set period of time for preparation (usually 1-1.5 hours) – before delivering their response to a judging panel of senior omnichannel, marketing and industry leaders.

Specific scoring criteria will be developed alongside each year’s unique case-study / challenge.  But all finalists should bear in mind the following points for this category:

  • Comprehending and understanding the challenge:
    Finalists should demonstrate an understanding of the case study and the challenges faced
  • Understanding of omnichannel integrated campaigns and process
    Demonstrate a robust omnichannel integrated campaign process whilst presenting your outputs to the panel
  • Planning
    Deliver a robust strategy & cross functional omnichannel plan, with clear objectives, timings, and measures
  • Draw appropriate conclusions
    Effectively draw conclusions from a balance of fact and reasonable assumptions
  • Customers and Personas
    Identify target customers and present a rationale for targeting this/these segment/s and personas
  • Consent
    Demonstrate your ability to gain consent and or use paid for channels to communicate to stakeholders
  • Performance management

Clearly demonstrate how you will measure success using appropriate data sets, how you will ensure campaigns are implemented on time and how you will ensure continuous optimisation

  • Financial
    Consider the financial implications for your recommendations and
  • Vision
    Provide a long-term vision of how to manage the issues raised in the case study


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