Jane Thomson of PRA Health Sciences shares why clinical researchers from across the globe should enter into the 2020 competition.

Jane took home Gold prize in the 2019 Team Leader of the Year category and spoke highly of her achievement within the competition, stating that,

“Participating in the PharmaTimes INTCR competition & awards has been a life-changing experience in the most positive way!”

"The main motivation for entering was to challenge oneself and to step outside own comfort zones, to take a risk and to do something different”.

The competition is comprised of 3 stages, with the 1st stage consisting of a multiple choice questionnaire in which a score of 80% is needed to progress. Stage 2 asks entrants to complete a category specific clinical challenge which is submitted in essay form. Then finally the top performers from stage 2 will be invited to take part in the 3rd and final stage – the live head-to-head finals day.

Jane praised the competitions 3-stage process by saying, “Each step along the way required thought, personal reflection and self-awareness which ultimately was the best way to grow and develop”.

The competition culminates at a high-profile gala dinner & awards ceremony where the winners of each category will be honoured for their efforts. The 2020 awards ceremony is due to be held at the Chelsea Harbour Hotel on the 14th May 2020 and will be attended by industry leading companies and names, providing a great networking opportunity for guests.

This prestigious and long-standing competition plays a key role within the industry and has provided the vital resources for many clinical research professionals to take the next step in their development - “I would thoroughly recommend everyone, at all levels to enter and ‘go for it’! There is fun to be had!!”

If you would like to follow in Jane's footsteps and get involved with the 2019 competition then you can by completing the multiple choice questionnaire – starting your entry early means more time to perfect stage 2!