Shire Pharmaceuticals says that full-year 2004 revenues and earnings per share climbed 13% to $1.4 billion dollars and 21% to $0.71 compared to 2003 [[12/03/04c]], but investors were concerned over the company’s performance in 2005 after it said that revenue and earnings growth would depend on how the US market reacts to Health Canada’s recent decision to suspend sales the top-selling ADHD medication, Adderall XR (amphetamine salts extended-release) [[10/02/05a]].

For the coming year, Shire says that it is expecting revenue growth in the high single-digit to low double-digit range, but this will depend on the US reaction to the Adderall situation. In the first quarter, the firm is forecasting flat Adderall XR sales, compared to the same period last year [[29/04/04f]], as a result of reduced Canadian sales of the drug – set to come in at just $3.1 million pre-suspension – as well as wholesaler de-stocking in the US following a price rise in December 2004. The firm has not given an indication of earnings growth for either the full-year or first quarter, but says that it has lodged an appeal with Health Canada over the Adderall XR suspension.

Adderall continued to drive the company’s financials in 2004, having been the driving force in recent times [[05/11/04f]], [[12/03/04c]], [[04/11/04a]], [[30/07/04d]]. The drug brought in sales of $607 million during the twelve-month period – up 28% – and boasted a 25% share of the all-important US market. Other solid performances came from Agrylin (anagrelide) for the treatment of thrombocythemia – up 15% to $153 million – and Pentasa (mesalamine), for the treatment of ulcerative colitis, rose 16% to $115 million. The epilepsy offering, Carbatrol (carbamazepine), climbed a modest 4% to $54 million.