AG Mednet, the US-based specialist in imaging data for clinical trials, has signed a Master Services Agreement with Japanese imaging core laboratory (ICL) Biovisiq to optimise quality, compliance and efficiency in trial data across Asian markets.

The US company cites industry research to the effect that more than half of all image-related query stoppages in clinical trials are a result of preventable human errors that can delay studies for up to seven weeks.

According to AG Mednet, its Submission Quality and Compliance module immediately detects errors leading to query stoppages and gives ICLs a system that can verify information, automatically update support systems including electronic data capture, and reduce by more than 75% the volume of queries returned for correction or re-scanning.

Next frontier

“Asia is the next frontier in clinical-trial research as recruitment in the United States and Western Europe is getting harder to achieve,” commented Abraham Gutman, president and chief executive officer of AG Mednet.

As adoption of Asia- and Japan-specific clinical trials continues to grow, AG Mednet and Biovisiq are aiming at “the new industry standard for imaging data quality, compliance and efficiency”.

Described as Japan’s leading core laboratory, Biovisiq has been providing a broad range of medical imaging-related solutions for clinical trials since 2005.