Aptiv Solutions, the US-based provider of biopharmaceutical and medical device development services created through the merger of six companies in February, has formed a “strategic partnership” with Cancer Genetics, Inc (CGI) offering a range of solutions to biopharmaceutical and medical device firms conducting clinical trials with oncology therapeutics.

Aptiv brings to the table a portfolio of services including adaptive trial design, early-phase product strategy, regulatory expertise, pharmacovigilance and “the operational support of a global clinical research organisation”, the partners noted. For its part, CGI can provide disease-specific biomarker knowledge, proprietary molecular testing and oncology laboratory services for early-stage trials.

These combined resources will give sponsors “a better understanding of modes of action of a variety of therapeutics and the role for biomarkers in the oncology drug development process”, Aptiv and CGI said.

Early insight into complex diseases and patient variations gained through genomic and other technologies will “drive informed decisions and successful development of targeted therapies, personalised medicine and other new therapeutics”, helping to bring oncology therapies to patients faster and at reduced cost, they added.

“Integrated clinical information is critical to providing customised patient treatment in which drug usage and dosage can be specifically targeted to the individual patient’s genetic requirement,” commented Panna Sharma, chief executive officer of CGI. 

Operating since 1999 out of Rutherford, US, CGI provides cancer-focused diagnostic testing services to oncologists, pathologists, hospitals and academic centers, as well as developing next-generation diagnostic products that leverage its intellectual property in molecular genetics and oncology.

The merger that gave birth to Aptiv Solutions in late February involved six biopharmaceutical and medical device services companies, namely Fulcrum Pharma, Averion International, Trio Clinical Research, ClinResearch, Niphix and ADDPLAN. The move was led by an investor group including SV Life Sciences, The Halifax Group and the Comvest Group.