With spaces in the Communications Team of the Year competition filling up fast, agencies are advised to act now and get their entry for the NHS Challenge in before it's too late!

Every year, PharmaTimes Media sets a new, fictional brief for agencies to meet to keep the Communications Team of the Year competition fresh and appropriately challenging.

Developed by a team consisting of people with agency and/or or client experience, both the disease area and treatments are fictional to ensure that no agency has an advantage

Your presentations are based solely on knowledge of your craft and your innovative thinking, says the Executive Steering Group's Eric Hansen adding:

"Not only is [entering] a great opportunity to receive an award for your efforts, but feedback to us has shown that it’s also a great team-building exercise for you. Of course, after the event, you can also choose to have one of the judges talk to your team about your presentation for a more in-depth review of your performance. The ‘NHS Challenge’ is designed specifically for agencies that have strong experience in dealing with UK specific challenges."