It is a case of win one, lose one for Avant Immunotherapeutics yesterday. The US biotech announced disappointing results in a Phase II trial of TP10 in women undergoing heart surgery but also booked a milestone payment relating to the approval of GlaxoSmithKline’s Rotarix vaccine in Europe.

TP10, the company’s complement inhibitor, failed to reduce death and heart attack rates in women undergoing cardiopulmonary bypass graft surgery for the second time in a Phase II clinical trial.

Avant now says it will continue to develop TP10 only for use in men, who seemed to show a benefit from treatment with the drug in the earlier study.

News that Avant would receive a $40 million milestone payment on the back of the approval of GSK’s rotavirus vaccine Rotarix in Europe restored some cheer at the company. The company also stands to receive $9 to $11 million on launch of the product in the USA.

News of the European Rotarix approval is reported here.