The call for pharma to engage in the digital space with healthcare professionals, and provide clear, concise brand and product messages that can be easily shared across digital channels – based on research carried out among physicians in four markets – shouldn’t really surprise anyone in the industry tasked with building relationships with doctors.

Perhaps more surprising is the weight those same doctors put on face-to-face interaction, presenting the big challenge of how to balance scarce marketing resources between digital and more traditional channels. The survey, carried out by Cello Health Insight, found digital use is on the increase but traditional sources are still the most trusted and, more importantly, have the highest ability to influence a prescribing decision. (You can read the full results in the PharmaTimes Digital coverage here). 

This shows we shouldn’t abandon offline activity in order to fund digital activity. So where to find the balance?  

To find out the answers, you can read the full TechnoBlog by Dan Brilot (@brilotd) from Cello Health Insight here