Last year, it was closed-loop marketing and mobile. This year, it’s innovation. Innovation in the way we communicate to healthcare professionals, patients, the general public and even within pharma organisations.  

Since the beginning of this year, I’ve been lucky enough to participate in four large-scale meetings to showcase best practice in new ways – at least, new in terms of pharma’s  adoption – of digital communication, such as augmented reality, crowd sourcing, wearable tech, etc. In each instance, the perspectives given by the key stakeholders, the people driving the event, the speakers, vendors, and even people outside of the industry, were different. Sometimes it was procurement, sometimes the digital centre of excellence, sometimes the brand managers, sometimes a mix.  Each Innovation Day was different but the common take-home was that everyone who attended realised they had a part to play in helping find new ways to interact and engage with the target audience. 

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