Recently I attended an event listening to some very bright and accomplished individuals share award-winning campaigns for major brands such as Sony PlayStation and Durex.  

It occurred to me that the disciplines required to create and execute these campaigns are no different from those required to compete in the highly competitive pharmaceutical sector, where the brands are equally impressive but considered harder to market. Why is this? 

One of the presenters, fresh from the SXSW conference, mentioned that within digital the power lies with a few – the Googles of this world – but is provided by the masses. 

For me, there are a number of parallels within pharma.  The disciplines required to co-ordinate marketing and PR activities, as well as orchestrate and execute a complex digital strategy, are owned by a few but tasked to the masses. 

This poses a number of tough questions for industry. 

To find out what these obstacles are and how to start thinking differently, read the new PharmaTimes Technoblog by Matt Lowe (@teammjl), head of digital at Creston Health, here.