The title of this blog may sound negative but embracing what is wrong and being self-aware helps us develop impactful campaigns – and shows that digital is no longer a bolt-on, but the predominant channel within pharma.

This is a cold, hard look at where some companies have got it wrong. But let’s not forget it takes courage to try something first, and the lessons learned allow others to succeed.

1. Digital in a silo
Digital is not a black art – the sole reserve of those people that eat code for breakfast – but it is an integral part of the marketing mix. It needs to be embraced by the organisation, but importantly that requires all faculties (IT, procurement, marketing, sales, training, medical and legal, executive board etc.) to understand what it is and how it helps shape communications.

To find out the other nine digital mistakes that pharma has been guilty of, and to learn from these, read the new PharmaTimes TechnoBlog written by Dom Marchant (@DJMSolutions), managing director of DJM Digital Solutions, and Matt Lowe (@teammjl), head of digital at Creston Health, here.