Jonny Ive has been busy the past three years designing a new product line for Apple: the much anticipated Apple Watch. The wearable, which will launch in early 2015, is geared around wellness, with health and fitness apps baked into the software.

The Apple Watch brings together the capabilities of a fitness tracker, an accelerometer and a custom sensor to measure your heart rate, and through the GPS in the iPhone it can see how far you moved. The tech giant has also launched the new bigger-screen iPhone 6 and 6s, with the new IOS software platform including Apple Health Kit, which allows apps to work together. 

As you know there are hundreds of health and wellness apps out there including ones for calories burned, heart rate, blood sugar etc. What’s different about the Health Kit app is it now puts all that data in one place – and yes it’s totally encrypted and secure. 

But why is this a big deal for healthcare? And what does it have to do with pharma?

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